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The two main stitches that sewing machines make of which the others are derivatives are lockstitch and chain stitch.

  • back tack
  • backstitch  a sturdy hand stitch for seams and decoration
  • basting stitch or tacking  for reinforcement
  • blanket stitch
  • blind stitch or hem stitch  a type of slip stitch used for inconspicuous hems
  • buttonhole stitch
  • chain stitch  hand or machine stitch for seams or decoration
  • cross stitch  usually used for decoration, but may also be used for seams
  • darning stitch
  • embroidery stitch
  • hemming stitch
  • lockstitch machine stitch, also called straight stitch
  • overhand stitch
  • overlock
  • pad stitch
  • padding stitch
  • running stitch  a hand stitch for seams and gathering
  • sailmakers stitch
  • slip stitch  a hand stitch for fastening two pieces of fabric together from the right side without the thread showing
  • stretch stitch
  • topstitch
  • whipstitch or oversewing or overcast stitch  for protecting edges
  • zig zag stitch

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